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Our Leadership team:

Pier Nicola Pizzato

CEO of Centrico Italia

After his graduation in Engineering at the Turin Polytechnic, Pier Nicola worked for 3 years at Olivetti and, later in 1995, joined the Sella group as Director of Information Systems. As part of the Sella Group, he helped to create the IT infrastructure.

Again under his responsibility, he led the centralization of the Group's IT operations defining its aims and objectives. Following his extensive experience in the IT sector in 2019, Pier Nicola is asked to take on the role of CIO of the newly created startupCentrico, leading the innovation and transformation of the Sella Group. Pier Nicola has been the CEO of Centricosince 2020.

Rozalia Nistor

CEO of Centrico Romania

Quote {
The successful companies of the next decade will be the ones that use digital tools to reinvent the way they work
} >_Bill Gates
In 1995, Rozalia contributed to the foundation of Selir and has been a CEO since 2007. She leads the Romanian team specialized in IT application development, support to Core Banking system

maintenance activities, back-office administrative services, contact center and RPA.
For twenty-five years in the field of outsourcing services for banking and financial services, Rozalia pursues an ongoing growth based on experience and professionalism, to provide clients with high-quality services with high added value. Her keywords are reliability, energy, loyalty, intelligence and accountability.

Rozalia considers her academic and research experience one of the driving forces behind her professional evolution, and has been PhD Professor Assistant in Business Management for years.

Srinivas Lingam

CEO of Centrico India

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Nobody means to get carried away in mediocrity, but it happens, it happens unless you think about everything you do, unless you make every choice the best one you know how to make
} >_Richard Bach
Srinivas leads the Chennai delivery center team for IT Application Development and Support to Core Banking system maintenance activities.

sistema di core banking. For twenty-three years in the IT field of the banking and financial services world, Srinivas loves to create outstanding teams and solutions that respond precisely and profitably to the demands of each client.
Previously, Srinivas worked for Polaris Software and Mphasis (at the time part of Hewlett-Packard) within the Sales Functions, Sales Support, Corporate Planning,

Client Account Management and Delivery Management.

Stefano Priola

CTO of Centrico Italia

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Cotidie damnatur qui semper timet }
CTO of Centrico Italia since March 2019, Stefano is a passionate scholar of Complex Systems and Virtuous Organizations.
In over twenty years of career, he has gained a unique experience in international projects of design and delivery of IT solutions in the banking sector, driven by

a continuous search for innovative solutions to apply to the business, and by the desire to know the technologies, without ever being afraid of getting his hands dirty.
Previously, Stefano worked for Sella Group as Head of Direct Channels and Architecture Office, as Solution Architect in IBM Strategic Outsourcing, and as Architect in Intesa Sanpaolo