How we make a


From precision mechanics, countless products are born. Simple and robust objects, or rich in advanced functions, up to unique pieces.

Our Purpose

The future of banks and of the financial world is to provide complete and agile services, designed and built to meet people's needs with simplicity and a wealth of options.

At Centrico, we work to respond to the only challenge that counts: building financial systems always ready for evolution. We have been doing this for 135 years as Sella Group and since 2019 as Centrico, for every financial institution ready to redefine its standards.

Our Mission

Centrico is a new way to build a financial institution with an open, flexible, fast platform that can be tailored to the needs, products and objectives of each client.

It is also a way of working, because we are true partners, and we accept the challenge of continuing to innovate every day. We share our knowledge, understand your goals and make them our own, to accompany you in creating your products and give you the freedom to focus on developing the best experience for your clients.

Furthermore, we're fast. We help you realize your idea of banking by keeping pace with an ever-changing industry.



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The birth of a Challenger Bank ready to grow and diversify its business model. Discover how Hype became one of the first “challenger banks” in Europe, and today is also an EMI as a service.

Banca Sella

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